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Stories about F-ed up moments in relationships [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Stories about F-ed up moments in relationships

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Mod Type Post [Jul. 13th, 2005|09:24 pm]
Stories about F-ed up moments in relationships
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[music |Hitch]

Hey guys. This is hopefully the last of the public entries. (unless of course you WANT to make your entries public) I thought that there was a setting for the community to make it so that only members could read the posts. I was wrong. *gasp* Hahaha. The remedy for this is quite simple. Everyone who has posted, just go back to your entry, click on the comments so that your entry is in it's own little window. Then hit edit. Once in the edit menu, you can scroll down and change your security setting. Just be sure to change it to "friends only" if you don't want anyone but us to read it.

Any new members, be sure to make your entries "friends only" unless you want everyone else in internet-land to be able to read it. Personally, I don't really think anyone other that us even knows about this place, but you can never be too safe I suppose. :)

Expect a new story from me sometime this weekend.
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